Vilnius crime novel

t is a socio-political satire in the form of a detective novel, initially printed in episodes on the pages of the daily newspaper “Słowo” (‘Word’), in Vilnius, between March 7 and April 14, 1933, then in the same year it was published in the form of a book. In 1995, Kontra publishing house resumed it in London – in this edition, an introduction and footnotes were provided by Wacław Lewandowski. The main character and narrator of the novel is Commissioner Mańkowski, who leads the case of the kidnapping of the daughter of the Vilnius voivode, five-year-old Agatka. This writing includes all elements of the sensational novel: shootings, pursuits, escapes. The action takes place in many locations in Vilnius, as well as in Krakow and Paris.

Excerpt from the book: